Corporate Social Responsibility

Not all grains are made of sand.

Marta Torre with a human t-shirt

I am an idealistic person (maybe more than I should be), loyal to my values and not afraid to get involved in any mess that is necessary for a good reason (definitely more than I should). 😅

After all these years working in the world of online business, I know how difficult it is to make a project succeed if you’re alone. And don’t even get me started on non-profit organizations.

But fortunately, I also know how much of a difference it makes in the success of a project to be able to count on the help of others, even if they are just small contributions.

Because in the end, that help turns out not to be just sand, but often comes loaded with seeds. It may seem small when you offer it, but the person who receives the help may end up with a tall and strong forest if they know how to make good use of it. 🌱

I know what I’m talking about because I once received some of those seeds and now I have a freaking oasis of collaborators and projects that I’m passionate about.

That’s why, since my beginnings as a developer, I’ve made it a point to reserve a little bit of my time or earnings to support non-profit organizations.

Organizations that promote equality, human rights, tolerance, physical and mental health. Organizations that “plant the seeds” for a better world.

These are some of the organizations I am currently collaborating with

Free support for development, website maintenance, and consulting


Financial contribution and volunteering

Cruz Roja Española
Medicins Sans Frontiers
Intermón Oxfam

This is my way of thanking them and encouraging them to keep building a reality in which we do want to live.

So, that being said,

Thank you for doing so much with my small seed. 👏