Diversity Team at WordPress community ❤️

Diversity Team at WordPress community

A few years ago, I turned my life upside down because there was something that was not very clear to me: There was no gender equality and that caused me a lot of headaches.

I have always been a dreamer and although many times I think it is a utopia, I do not see fair that we are treated differently due to gender, race or sexual orientation.

My social networks, I have always been working from an activist point of view. Because although it is true that social networks are good, I always thought about doing activism because the information could reach more people, and precisely the right people.

Many times, there are people who do not take it so well. Because of course, when the rights of some groups that are always discriminated against are questioned, the privilege of others is also questioned.

Diversity at WordPress Community

A colleague and I created a project to try to fight for gender equality in the WordPress Spain community.
WPFem right now, I manage it by myself, right now I have a lot of ideas and very few hours to work on it.
One day I met the magnificent Isotta Peira, and from here I can say that she is a person I greatly admire and have grown very fond of.

Well, at WordCamp irún 2022 (where I met her) I started to tell her about the WPFem project and what I wanted to achieve in Spain. She loved the project and reached out to me so he could help me.
Thanks to her I started meeting with people within the Global community and I met wonderful people.
There was a channel on global WordPress just to talk about diversity. I was hallucinating!

Jill and the love of the WordPress community

Thanks to Isotta, I met Angela who is a person who works at Automattic. It was a great conversation that I have good memories of. I was very lost, with such a low level of English, and that I did a little what I could, I didn’t really know what to do. She thinks that in the WordPress Spain community I felt very alone and I finally began to meet other types of people who were working hard on this.

Angela named the specific diversity slack channel for me and then she told me about Jill and Julia, two lovely people who have been very patient and helpful in any way they could.

Jill is currently the person leading the global WordPress community diversity team and they are always open to different ideas, opinions and it’s all love.
I talk to Jill many times in private, with my crazy ideas and she gives me her opinion and her point of view. She has been quite a discovery!

And what am I into now?

Right now I am working on two aspects for the community in Spain. I am going to help as a mentor in the WordCamp Granada 2023 to have more diversity in the team, and we are also going to prepare a diversity table for the WordCamp Barcelona 2023.

This year I have a lot of homework and I am very excited about what I am doing in the different communities to achieve a more inclusive space for everyone.

I will tell you more! Until next time!


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