Travel with the WordPress Community to learn English

Travel with the WordPress Community to learn English

One of my goals this year: Learn English

Why not? I was very good at English. In high school I was a bad student, but in English I got very good grades. Now, everything has changed.

After a few years in which I have not practiced English at all, now I need it more than ever.

And I started this blog, just to start writing in English. Surely there are misspelled phrases and nonsense phrases that only I understand at the time of writing this post, but that helps me let go.

How do I learn English?

I am quite an impulsive person, although I try not to be too much, when I am motivated by something, I go full on with it.

In the case of studying English, I was thinking about what things I could do that are more or less easy to do. And what did I think?

  • Read books in English (Easy)
  • See series in original version (Those that are highly viewed in Spanish).
  • Conversations with other people
  • English classes
  • Travel
  • Go to work events

Travel to learn English

A map
A map


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